Beautiful wrestler transfers? A summary of the wrestlers of the new women’s professional wrestling group MARIGOLD [Marigold] is launched ☆ Will the balance of power change?


Hello! This time, we will introduce the women’s professional wrestling organization [MARIGOLD], which was launched in April 2024 by Rossy Ogawa, former executive producer of the women’s professional wrestling organization STARDOM!


A new organization has been launched bringing with it many of STARDOM’s main wrestlers!


This time we will introduce the MARIGOLD players!



Marigold is the next step in the evolution of women’s professional wrestling, not just in Japan but around the world. It reflects the past of women’s professional wrestling while also leading the revolution into the future. And it has the role of connecting the culture of women’s professional wrestling to future generations. Follow the dream warriors as they shine in the golden garden.

On April 15, 2024, Rossy Ogawa, who had been released from her contract with Stardom in February due to alleged poaching of its wrestlers, held a press conference and announced the establishment of a new organization.

The following wrestlers were announced as affiliated with the company: Utami Hayashishita, Gulia, MIRAI, Mai Sakurai , Victoria Yuzuki, Nanae Takahashi, and Nao Ishikawa. In addition, former advisor Fuka, who announced her departure from Actwres girl’Z, and other members of the group also appealed to participate.

Marigolds are often associated with the powerful strength of the sun, and represent the power, strength and light that resides within each person, providing direction for the group.






Comments at the press conference to launch the new organization

I’m Gulia from Marigold. You never know what’s going to happen in life. I think it’s precisely because you never know what’s going to happen that there’s meaning in running through it.

It’s fun to seek stability… but it’s even more fun to destroy it.

It’s nice to become friends, but it’s also interesting when things start to get strained.

It feels good to be praised, but even being criticized is lovable. I think that’s what it means to live.

I am definitely living right now. That’s all」


林下詩美 Utami Hayashishita





I’m Hayashishita Utami from Marigold. This is a new challenge for me, with the new group Marigold. I hope I can bring a new Hayashishita Utami to everyone.

I’m looking forward to everything that’s going to happen from now on, and what the future holds for me.

I look forward to the day when you can all see Hayashishita Utami and the new challenge of the new group Marigold. Thank you.」






I’m MIRAI, the soul child of Marigold. Marigold has made a new start. If I’m going to do it, I’m going to aim to be at the top.

And there are a few things I want to achieve here. For example, I want to hold a show in my hometown of Miyako. I will definitely become a star of Miyako, a star of Iwate, and a star in the world of pro wrestling.

And also, to connect to the next generation, I want to be a hero for little kids. I want to do that not only on social media, but in various other ways.

From now on, I want to build Marigold and the world of pro wrestling at the forefront. I will put my heart and soul into it. Thank you for your support.」

桜井麻衣 Mai Sakurai





Hello everyone. I’m Sakurai Mai, the ultra lady of the Marigold Ring. It’s the season when cherry blossoms fall in the sky. That means it’s my season, Sakurai Mai.

Many people are starting new lives during this season, and I too am happy to be able to announce my new start today and to be a founding member of Marigold.

And as I’ve perfected my role as the ultra lady, I’ve realized something. There are things here that money can’t buy.

And that’s why I’m here. I’ll show you Sakurai Mai’s resolve. That’s all.


ビクトリア弓月 Victoria Yuzuki





I’m Victoria Yuzuki. I aim to be the goddess of victory. I’ll be Marigold’s ace. Nanae-san, please have a singles match with me in our inaugural match.

Don’t talk about retiring! I’ll inject some passion into you.

I hope you all look forward to watching me grow and become the champion.

高橋奈七永 Nanae Takahashi





Takahashi Nanae has come to this organization, Marigold, with retirement in mind. She made her debut in All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling about 28 years ago and has survived harsh times.

During that time, pro wrestling has given her a lot of glory, belts, and emotions.

And for that she is very, very grateful. She wants to convey that gratitude to the future of women’s pro wrestling, and she strongly wants to leave behind proof that Takahashi Nanae lived here as passionism and Nanaeism.

However, she is not ending just because she is conscious of the end, but rather, she wants to grab her dreams from here, regardless of her age or career. Thank you for your support.

石川奈青 Nao Ishikawa





I’m Ishikawa Nao from Marigold, not Nakano Tam.

I’m not standing here to imitate anyone else, but to show off my own wrestling style as Ishikawa Nao. I’m sure there are many people who feel uncomfortable seeing me standing in this line.

But that’s exactly why I believe there is a type of wrestling I can show.

I want to become a wrestler who shines brighter than anyone else in the Marigold ring, so that people will say that Ishikawa Nao is Marigold itself. Thank you for your support.